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Today Little Wood Bird turns 1!  I am so glad for this space and the connection it brings to other like-mind creative people in the world.  I have met so many different and beautiful bloggers, through the comments they have left and the festivals we have participated in together.  I am so, so, so privileged to be a part of the artistic world – it brings so much joy to me and others!  Without art and creativity this world would be very dull indeed.  I am looking forward to the next year of meeting new people, being inspired, and learning more about giving.

So, in the spirit of giving, here’s a little something to honour this space that I love!  {You can’t have a birthday without gifts!!}

Giveaway:  16 Crocheted Cotton Face Cloths in jumbo and mini sizes {made by yours truly!}.

These eco friendly face cloths are perfect for your daily face care routine as they are soft and durable. They work great as replacements to your normal cotton cosmetic pads or cotton wool/balls because they will last years longer, which means much less waste. Scrub or apply product as normal and throw into the wash for next week.

There are 8 Jumbo Cloths measuring 2.75 inches across, and 8 Mini Cloths measuring 1.75 inches across.

Care instructions:  Machine or hand wash. Tumble or lay flat to dry.

To Enter:

Just leave a comment noting one way {stories welcome!} that art and/or creativity/ingenuity has influenced your life {today, yesterday, last year?} and I will choose the happy winner!

Giveaway closes on Monday morning around 10am {ish} England time…


I found a lovely new space via Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts – who is rejoining the bloggy world after she thought she was finished – so glad she’s back!!  I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, and have learnt sooo much from her about quilting.  She’s been blogging for about 3 1/2 years, and she has provided a wealth of inspiration and guidance for the quilting world!

She’s recently posted her latest bird quilt, which is stunning, as usual.  If you look at the picture she’s posted, you’ll notice little birds hanging from her chandelier – perfectly matching the quilted theme – and you’ll also find a link to the bird pdf pattern in her post.  Well…I clicked and was taken to the world of Spool, a lovely place that reminds me a bit of Purl in Philadelphia…instead of New York.

Spool Sewing boasts a blog, online shop, and a schedule of classes at their base in Philadelphia.  There are several freebies in their bloggy section – so go take a look!

Two girls by the river

Allowing others to see you

Have you ever thought of how you are viewed by others?  What does someone pick-up about me from talking to me?  Unfortunately (or maybe ‘fortunately’), I don’t read minds.  But I wonder if the things people see in me match my character, beliefs or even the mood I happen to be in when I have a conversation with them.

Unfortunately (and this time I mean it), I allow myself to hide my true self from others in the thinking that I will connect better with them if I maintain the image that I perceive they want to see in me.  Or perhaps its that if I let them see that part of me I can never attain the (so-called) perfection I so desire.  However, this is not how to connect with people – and actually, I don’t know how I managed that idea in the first place.  I guess it boils down to fear.

My dearest friends have known for years my need to be authentic with them on every level.  But that has only been shared with a very select few.  Even starting this blog has revealed that I struggle to be authentic except with the few I trust – and its as though I undergo a peeling back of layers as I gradually feel safe in sharing my life in the open.

I believe that authenticity is critical to a full life.  And although I have developed bad habits – I am determined to share my life with others so that I can embrace compassion towards others as I reveal that I, too, am imperfect.

Vintage Cowgirl

Yes – I am back!  Although still a bit jet-lagged and behind the times…  It is sweet to be home.

I get sooo much of my inspiration for creating things from all my blogging ‘friends’ around the creative bloggy circles! They make me so happy with all their beautiful pics and tutorials…so I thought maybe I would join in the fun and spread some of the love around…!

Find out more about me at our website every tongue and more about my Man and our work at our blog under the baobab tree.

Here goes nothin’!

Our Little Family

today at the nest

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