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I found a lovely new space via Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts – who is rejoining the bloggy world after she thought she was finished – so glad she’s back!!  I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, and have learnt sooo much from her about quilting.  She’s been blogging for about 3 1/2 years, and she has provided a wealth of inspiration and guidance for the quilting world!

She’s recently posted her latest bird quilt, which is stunning, as usual.  If you look at the picture she’s posted, you’ll notice little birds hanging from her chandelier – perfectly matching the quilted theme – and you’ll also find a link to the bird pdf pattern in her post.  Well…I clicked and was taken to the world of Spool, a lovely place that reminds me a bit of Purl in Philadelphia…instead of New York.

Spool Sewing boasts a blog, online shop, and a schedule of classes at their base in Philadelphia.  There are several freebies in their bloggy section – so go take a look!


Today we had a very busy day of work…an event that welcomed interested people to learn more about our line of work and how they can be involved…  So, between making coffee, welcoming guests at the door, and talking with all the new and interesting people…I hurried to the computer to buy the fabric I need to make my next two quilts! I have been looking for quite some time now, and I needed to bite the bullet!

One day I'll visit the Purl Shop. Click to see the shop and home tour at Martha's.

Choosing fabric is {honestly} not one of my favourite things to do…!  Don’t get me wrong…I love fabric and all the possibilities that lie within its amazingly extraordinary existence!  There are just soooo many places to choose from and soooo many prices to compare…not to mention the workings of design and colour coordinating that go into the decision process.  And when it comes to money {and maybe some other things} …I am not a quick decision maker…  I am too much of a perfectionist.  So, one day {when I grow up} I will maybe build up a stash…which I can imagine will improve the whole design process, and make buying fabric a bit less pressured.  But for now…I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to continue quilting and making gifts for others!

Here are the colour schemes for these two quilts : one for a beloved boy, and the other for a dear little girl…

Janoah quilt colours

Francis quilt colours

My fabric {eventually…after much nail-biting and staring into the computer screen…!} came from Shabby Fabrics and The Fat Quarter Shop this time.  Both are US based but ship internationally.  And both ended up less than UK prices…so, I am really cool with that.  The only qualm I have with them is that neither allow you to buy smaller than 0.5 yard.  I would like to be able to buy 0.25 yard pieces most of the time…but I suppose they probably enforce a minimum to make it worth their while…  Anywho, I will look forward to getting my first shipments from both and seeing in real life the pieces that will soon be snipped and bound into a whole new warm huggy thing that you can curl up under!  I love that about quilts…its like, hours of investment into a big hug!  I’m American.  I like hugs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the event went really well and I met 13 new people that I may be seeing again someday in Tanzania or some other far off place.  Its cool to live in an international and nomadic community…  Sometimes I dwell too much on the sadness of saying goodbye all the time that I forget how much fun it is to say hello!

Floral pillow cover

I have started to fill a little wood bird shop…  Drop by to see the first couple things for sale.

Our Little Family

today at the nest

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