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Last night my husband and I went out on a date – and I enjoyed it sooo much!  As soon as he said to look at the movie line-up in town and choose one…I was off in lala land!  He went to his club football {soccer} match and I had several hours to agonize over what to where and get my evening make-up just right…  I felt like a little girl again with all the excitement pulsing through my veins!  It was a special time set apart for the man I love and me to invest in each other!  Did I mention that I love dressing up for my man??!  It was great!!!  I meant to take a photo before we left…but some moments aren’t meant to be intruded upon and I left it be…  But I will always remember his smile and the way we looked at each other {and laughed!} throughout the film…

I would totally recommend this film to bloggers and food lovers {and food eaters!!} near and far…  Julie and Julia was a real hit for both of us – and a great date movie in my opinion because a) it was about two married couples eating a lot! {inspirational} and b) at least when we went, the theatre was scattered with middle-aged women who laughed hysterically at every “funny” thing that Julia did…  We joined right in and were at some points nearly in tears because some of them were sounding a lot like Julia when they giggled!  So loud and high pitched…!!

An awesome cast to top off an great story!

An awesome cast to top off a great story!

Oh, it was definitely a film to remember!  And when we got home we {my hubby, I might add} found Julie’s blog and we enjoyed reminiscing through it after feeling as though we’d just gone through that year with Julie!  Fun!

As we were online, I decided to search facebook to see if my old friend and mentor had joined facebook, her name also Julie…  and to my delight I found her after several years of bad {non-existent} communication {my fault}!  I am so happy!!  She taught me a lot of the foundational things I know about quilting and making handbags…and has definitely been an influence on my style and womanhood!  She taught me things like how to fold a pillowcase – Martha Stewart’s way…and to always drink whole, fresh milk  – I didn’t do enough of that, Julie, and now I am dairy-free because of it {should have listened to the Dairy-farmer’s daughter…} and how to keep memories through photography…  And so much more!  And, now, what a delight it is to see her family grow…

My dear friend Julie and her family

My dear friend Julie and her boys

By the way…I totally recommend the Martha stewart pillow-case folding treatment {bonus: it works for any kind of towel too!}…

Marthas towel-folding expertise...

Martha's towel-folding expertise...

Now, we’re off to our cousin’s baby’s dedication in London, which will be fun as we’ll no-doubt see lots of family as we gather to commit this lovely little one to God’s care…

Enjoy your Sunday!


When I walked out my front door this morning I was surprised to find a friend hanging around just outside:

Spider in web cropped2

Looks like she just pitched up last night…she’s got a really strong web and actually its really well designed – maybe the best I’ve ever seen…!  The web is sort of free-styling over low shrub – really well suspended by a large shrub next to it, the gutter above and the hanging basket across our walkway…above our heads and with enough room for our door to swing wide open…!  She thought long and hard about this one!!

The really strong bit of the web (that we walk under) keeping the whole idea together...!

The really strong bit of the web (that we walk under) keeping the whole idea together...!

It was really hard to get a good pic of her in her home because she kept blowing around because of the long lead on her web…!  Amazing though, isn’t it?  I’m just going to leave her there and see how long she lasts with that design…

Autumn is in the air – don’t ya think?

Web in wreath

Today I’ve got sewing on the brain… {a big surprise, I know…}  I am working on 2 projects for friends and family but both are in the prepping stage and not the sewing stage…so I just need to keep at it and soon I can whip out my Silver Sewer! : )  For the time being, here’s a little bit of today for you:

Green tomato and material

Green tomatoes my dear man picked this morning from the garden, and the fabric I can't wait to start snipping into for this project here!

I found my sister-in-law-to-be’s blog and new etsy shop {see her folksy shop too}…and I am so excited for her so I thought I’d show her off here! : )

The project that's keeping me sane as I prep the others...thank you purl bee! : )

Ooh!!!  I just got a tip from my husband that a nice parcel has just arrived in the post…and its addressed to me…! ; )  I think some of my waiting’s over because {if I’m right?!} I believe that’s my rotary cutter and ruler {among other lovely accessories} for my quilting project…  I can start cutting + piecing today – yay!

Here’s a snippet of our journeys in Burkina Faso this July – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Dry Lands


Kids having fun

Women at the well


Meeting together


photos {Mark Woodward}

Its been a fun-filled Summer for my husband and me! We’ve had family visiting from the States for the first time on two occasions and a 4-week trip to West Africa sandwiched in the middle… We’ve been busy little beavers hosting in our small bungalow and being hosted in one of the warmest parts of Africa (both the weather and the people)! We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had and the bit of rest we’ll have going into the end of this season!

But now I feel like I am officially back into the blogging world. I honestly haven’t properly checked my feed reader in over two months and I haven’t even thought of posting for longer. But my routine just went back to normal mode here in my little home, and I am looking forward to seeing what has been going on around me in the creative world out there…and even more, I can’t wait to join it once more.

Upcoming project:

Pinwheel Baby Quilt at Moda Bake shop by Jodi at Simply This and That

Pinwheel Baby Quilt at Moda Bake shop by Jodi at Simply This and That

Wow!  I stumbled upon Hardanger embroidery a little while back and was mesmerised by all the carefully cut threads and the Norwegian styled motifs…  Well, I thought I’d make a little centerpiece as a gift for an upcoming wedding…  Its a beautiful craft but calls for a very hardy crafts(wo)man!  Whew!  I value symmetry and alignment, but maybe not as much as I thought, ’cause I think this little project might go flying out my window if I have to un-stitch one more time…!  Thankfully I am not alone in my endeavors… I have a lovely neighbor who lets me cry on her shoulder when I just can’t get it…!  She’s a wonderful Hardangerette (among many other things craft related) and I now value her hardy heart even more than I once did…!

Luckily for the rest of the world there are other Hardy Hardangerettes who carry on the wonderful tradition!  If you are interested in purchasing a gift for someone special, take a look at norwegianneedle for some really beautiful designs!

find the norwegian needle at

find the norwegian needle at

I get sooo much of my inspiration for creating things from all my blogging ‘friends’ around the creative bloggy circles! They make me so happy with all their beautiful pics and tutorials…so I thought maybe I would join in the fun and spread some of the love around…!

Find out more about me at our website every tongue and more about my Man and our work at our blog under the baobab tree.

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