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I found a lovely new space via Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts – who is rejoining the bloggy world after she thought she was finished – so glad she’s back!!  I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, and have learnt sooo much from her about quilting.  She’s been blogging for about 3 1/2 years, and she has provided a wealth of inspiration and guidance for the quilting world!

She’s recently posted her latest bird quilt, which is stunning, as usual.  If you look at the picture she’s posted, you’ll notice little birds hanging from her chandelier – perfectly matching the quilted theme – and you’ll also find a link to the bird pdf pattern in her post.  Well…I clicked and was taken to the world of Spool, a lovely place that reminds me a bit of Purl in Philadelphia…instead of New York.

Spool Sewing boasts a blog, online shop, and a schedule of classes at their base in Philadelphia.  There are several freebies in their bloggy section – so go take a look!


I am joining the Pattern Challenge over at Come and See the Seitz and my first goal is to craft the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap for a few of my friends with little squirts around the house!  If you haven’t been to see Meg over at Sew Liberated, I would pop by now and enjoy her many-faceted blog – including topics like simple and green living, Montessori approach, and sewing…  Pick up your own copy of the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap Pattern to stitch up for all the little lovelies in your life.  And see a few more sweet pics of her darling son Finn sporting said cap:

Sweet Pea Pilot Cap, photo via Meg at Sew Liberated

Cheery patchwork pillow

I have been having so much fun making pillow covers! I use a mixture of thrifted and new fabrics {I love mixing old with new} and each is a little different, but very comfy!  There is something satisfying in making a pillow cover…  Something about an empty shell of fabric being plumped to fullness with a squishy softness!  My Man likes them too {always good}.  We both like soft cuddly things over here!

In other news, I have been learning Swahili {slowly} and this morning was very funny as my Man put on his generic ‘African’ voice and spoke nothing but Swahili to me as I got ready for the day…  Yeah, my most productive part of the day is the morning, but I still can’t keep up with him…!  {The giggling probably doesn’t help…}  Oh well, at least I have another year or so to learn all I can…before I am surrounded by Tanzanian folk…!  Hakuna matata!

Congratulations to Lizzi and Liz who will each be inheriting one spectacular envelope bundle each!  Now aren’t you both glad you joined this crazy giveaway?! Will see you soon Lizzi…so will present yours with great pomp and ceremony then!  And Liz, I will look forward to sending yours all packaged up!  Thanks for playing! : )

Thrifted book envelope

Here’s a peek into what I have been sewing up lately!  This is an envelope taken from a vintage book called ‘The Everyday Game Book’!  The text is so fun and festive, it would be great for party invitations! I especially like the stitching – everything is better with a little stitching… I think I’ll use this design for my Christmas cards this year – a great companion to this, I’d say!  Fun +frugal!

Looks like a fun game!

In fact I have a fresh bundle of 6 envelopes to give away if I have any takers!  Just leave a comment with a link to your blog {if you have one} and I will select, at random, a winner to have these little gems!  I will close the giveaway by announcing a winner when I wake up on Wednesday morning about 8 am UK time, Tuesday at midnight US pacific time.

After a little tidying and elbow grease things are looking a bit better...

After a little tidying and elbow grease things are looking a bit better...

Clear kitchen view two

Pinwheel quilt all ready to be stippled/quilted

Pinwheel quilt all ready to be stippled/quilted

Partially-quilted Just Peachy Baby Quilt - love the colours on this one!

Partially-quilted Just Peachy Baby Quilt - love the colours on this one!

Just Peachy quilt backing detail...cheery and retro!

Just Peachy quilt backing detail...cheery and retro!

That’s it for me tonight!  Time to relax in front of a Bond flick with my man!  Off on holiday tomorrow!  See you in a week or so…! ; )

4th of July Frock enhanced

I started this frock about a week ago, and I am very pleased with the outcome so far!  I am following a 1967 Simplicity 7049 from my mother in law ~ and its marve!  I just can’t decide whether to add the short sleeves or not…  Any opinions?

4th of July Frock detail enhanced

{Oh!  By the way ~ its upcycled from a men’s button~down shirt…  Which makes it even more fun!}

spring frock in full

I just finished this dress this morning…and soon it will be in the wash getting all comfy and broken in!  I upcycled a curtain because I really liked the feel of the fabric and wanted to try out the design on a woven rather than a knit…  I made a tie to go around the gathering as well, although I haven’t got it pictured here.  I really like the way it turned out, and will undoubtedly be wearing it around anywhere I can…!  See more detail at my flickr

Just want to say a quick thanks to Burda Style for linking to the Weekend Designer for tips on design and pattern making – its a wonderful resource!  Looking forward to using it in the future!

weekend designer

Explore for yourself all the delicious advice and step-by-step instructions for piecing your own clothing (including this dirndl) and other accessories…  have fun!

There is something remarkable about woven textiles. Something in the feel of the individual strands of a linen that reminds you that its functionality is a result of uniquely created pieces brought together to make a whole. Ahh yes. Now what shall I do with these leftovers…?



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