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Two girls by the river

Allowing others to see you

I had a wonderful chat catching up with a friend a couple days ago about life and things we’re facing at the moment.  The topic of authenticity came up – how real we are with people and ourselves – and it has spurred me on to share another dimension about my life at the moment that I haven’t known how to broach in this space as yet.  And actually I still don’t.

My family are going through a point of huge loss right now, and although its not appropriate to share the details yet –  or maybe ever – via this blog, I thought it a good thing to say at the least that all is not well.  Actually my world is turning upside-down as we speak because relationships are severed and some things are broken that will never be the same.  Some of you reading this do know the details and I thank you for your understanding and support.  But to those for whom this is sounding more cryptic as I go, I just wanted to be real in this space, especially for you.  Not only for you, for myself and those involved.  To talk about Etsy and little Julien and not say anything about this feels unfair.  Life is not only knitting and hamsters…its much more and I want to be real about all of it.

Anyway, this is not a plea for sympathy – although that’s always nice too : )  I’d been thinking for a while now about how I want to share all of my heart – not just the pretty bits – everything.  This space has been a refuge and I want to treat it well.  So, thank you for reading – it means a lot.

Two girls by the river

Allowing others to see you

Have you ever thought of how you are viewed by others?  What does someone pick-up about me from talking to me?  Unfortunately (or maybe ‘fortunately’), I don’t read minds.  But I wonder if the things people see in me match my character, beliefs or even the mood I happen to be in when I have a conversation with them.

Unfortunately (and this time I mean it), I allow myself to hide my true self from others in the thinking that I will connect better with them if I maintain the image that I perceive they want to see in me.  Or perhaps its that if I let them see that part of me I can never attain the (so-called) perfection I so desire.  However, this is not how to connect with people – and actually, I don’t know how I managed that idea in the first place.  I guess it boils down to fear.

My dearest friends have known for years my need to be authentic with them on every level.  But that has only been shared with a very select few.  Even starting this blog has revealed that I struggle to be authentic except with the few I trust – and its as though I undergo a peeling back of layers as I gradually feel safe in sharing my life in the open.

I believe that authenticity is critical to a full life.  And although I have developed bad habits – I am determined to share my life with others so that I can embrace compassion towards others as I reveal that I, too, am imperfect.

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