My name is Laura Woodward and I welcome you to this space, especially if you are new!  I am the wife of my dear friend Mark and am currently working at home in an effort to serve him while he works in the office.  We are both full-time missionaries, working in Buckinghamshire, England in Bible Translation, and continue to link up to our future field entity in Africa where we hope to relocate to sometime in the future.

I hope that this in an encouraging place for you to be inspired, refreshed and challenged as I share my daily thoughts and creative ideas.  I enjoy many things, some of which are: working with my hands in craft, reading, making + eating whole foods, green living, running, gardening and most of all – learning more about God and growing with my husband in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As you will see from my posts, I am both dairy and sulphite free due to allergies.  We both also feel inclined to eat less sugar and red meat as we can see a positive difference when those are excluded.  I hope that I can pass on anything I’ve learnt about catering toward a more limited diet – as you can guess (or have experienced) it isn’t always the easiest route to take.  With a little creativity we’ve found it to be a good thing.

Although I have found our life in mission to be an experience of sacrifice, I have seen the abundance of the Lord’s provision in so many areas day to day simultaneously.  We have a very committed support team who have listened, prayed and given through thick and thin.  And, although goodbyes are a real part of a nomadic lifestyle, the hellos are just as frequent and we’ve met some truly amazing people in the process!  I find that the challenge is, as with any Christian in the world, to be continually thankful in every situation – which brings true joy!

I very much welcome comments, questions and other dialogue.  I learn a lot through discussion and relating to others about the things we face in life.  Do not hesitate to comment on the posts here or to email me at any time!

In Peace,