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I think I may have found the best eczema relief emollient for me yet – and its something that’s been sitting in my cupboard for years…  Extra Virgin Olive Oil came to my mind this morning after my 2 mile run left me with itchiness which led to scratching which led to pain, and then stress…and then…you guessed it – more itching!  Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention – and although I know I am not the first to use olive oil as a moisturizer for eczema, it was the first time for me.  Desperation got the better of me and I slathered it all over my skin after showering.  I didn’t notice much difference until I slipped on my clothes…and then…oh!  It was so soft and cuddly against my skin because I had applied what feels like a wax coating or a rind to my sensitive eczema.

So, the first negative thing that came to my mind was – oh no, its going to stain all my clothes, etc.  But it sort of soaked in and felt more like wax or something.  I will let you know if any of my clothes turn oily…but so far its not a problem.  I used an old towel to sit on during application so that if I dripped the oil it didn’t matter.

I also looked at Talk Eczema for advice on how to apply emollients and it encouraged me to take care not to scratch – which is so hard – but will be helped by moisture on my skin.  So, looking forward to a new routine that has the potential to help a lot.

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