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Mark and I are into diy.  Well, maybe I could say that I have enough diy-desire for the both of us…although I think Mark {usually} likes to ride along on the project bandwagon…!  I really like the clock featured below…and actually it reminds me of the time I’ve had here in Enlgand.  Can you guess why?

Yep, you guessed it – its always Tea Time in England!  Although neither Mark nor I drink proper tea – its a very real tradition here in this country.  I have enjoyed my time here in England over the last three years…and I am happy to announce that I have gotten my approval for UK citizenship in the last week.  I have given them 3 years, lots of £££ and my paperwork…!  Now all I need to do is swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth II in April and I am in!

I have to say that it really struck me how reassuring it is to have this processed and to know that I have the support of two countries behind me.  And by extension all of the EU – which I now feel is a great advantage.  I have never {strangely} felt that any country has felt like ‘home’ – so maybe for that reason I am especially happy to have dual citizenship.

Anyway, I saw that tea time clock and had to ponder my journey for just a moment and share with you all the delight of becoming English…

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