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Cheery patchwork pillow

I have been having so much fun making pillow covers! I use a mixture of thrifted and new fabrics {I love mixing old with new} and each is a little different, but very comfy!  There is something satisfying in making a pillow cover…  Something about an empty shell of fabric being plumped to fullness with a squishy softness!  My Man likes them too {always good}.  We both like soft cuddly things over here!

In other news, I have been learning Swahili {slowly} and this morning was very funny as my Man put on his generic ‘African’ voice and spoke nothing but Swahili to me as I got ready for the day…  Yeah, my most productive part of the day is the morning, but I still can’t keep up with him…!  {The giggling probably doesn’t help…}  Oh well, at least I have another year or so to learn all I can…before I am surrounded by Tanzanian folk…!  Hakuna matata!

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