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Here’s a snippet of our journeys in Burkina Faso this July – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Dry Lands


Kids having fun

Women at the well


Meeting together


photos {Mark Woodward}


Its been a fun-filled Summer for my husband and me! We’ve had family visiting from the States for the first time on two occasions and a 4-week trip to West Africa sandwiched in the middle… We’ve been busy little beavers hosting in our small bungalow and being hosted in one of the warmest parts of Africa (both the weather and the people)! We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had and the bit of rest we’ll have going into the end of this season!

But now I feel like I am officially back into the blogging world. I honestly haven’t properly checked my feed reader in over two months and I haven’t even thought of posting for longer. But my routine just went back to normal mode here in my little home, and I am looking forward to seeing what has been going on around me in the creative world out there…and even more, I can’t wait to join it once more.

Upcoming project:

Pinwheel Baby Quilt at Moda Bake shop by Jodi at Simply This and That

Pinwheel Baby Quilt at Moda Bake shop by Jodi at Simply This and That

So, we’re just about ready to hit the road to Burkina Faso for the month of July! My hubby and I will be leading a team of 5 student-aged people into Ouagadougou {Ouaga for short…} and then around to a couple other village areas to spend time with some of the local communities and experience some of the culture…  The team is so excited…and it brings me back to my first time going to Africa about 11 years ago when I was part of a medical team to Ethiopia…I remember not being able to sleep for nights before out of excitement…  Oh Africa, here we come again : )

Neither of us have been to the west of Africa, only the east, which I gather is quite different…  So we’re looking forward to learning about some of the differences and will surely find some similarities in contrast to our native countries…

So, I think its probably safe to say that I won’t be blogging at all in the next month or so…and definitely won’t be making anything crafty worth posting…although I will be reverting to my MacGyver role in Africa and will no doubt come up with some pretty impressive gadgets… : )  I will be keeping my eye out for the beautifully colourful fabric from Burkina Faso that I have only seen pictures of …  And will hopefully be bringing some of that home with me to make something with!

Will take lots of photos and will look forward to showing them off…  So, have a good summer until I return from the far off land of Burkina…

Oh how I love my new sewing machine! Its a simple one…a step up from a base model, I’d say…Silver Viscount 2021… But she’s so shiny and fresh-smelling and just happy, happy, happy!   Her stitch is sweet and smooth and she likes to thread her own needle…which is icing on the cake!  I have to say that I think I’ve waited my whole life for the feel of my own machine plugging away at pieces of patchwork…its oh so lovely!

Thanks to my Man who graciously thought through the buying options and weighed all the pros and cons about bringing a machine to Africa one day…!

Here’s my Silver Sewer…in all her glory! I still need to get a darning foot for free-motion quilting…but other than that, we’re ready to roll!  Stay tuned for what she produces…

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