So my headache is better – thanks for your thoughts and prayers!  I really appreciate it!  Now I am preparing for my day and realise that I will not be able to continue in the holiday cleaning routine I had set out to accomplish this week.  But there’s always next week – I am not discouraged!  And I will still be cleaning today – just mixed in with other things on my to do list – like sewing and cooking for the weekend with my sister in law {yay!}.

However, I wanted to point you in the direction of some inspiring holiday cleaning articles to keep the spirit of preparing the house for this special time of year! I like these:

Organized Home’s Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist and Winter Preparedness Checklist

Real Simple’s Fall Cleaning Checklist and the Fall Cleaning Guide Room by Room and Systems

Passionate Homemaking’s Natural Housekeeping Carnival

What do you do to prepare for the holidays?  Its always inspiring to hear other people’s ideas and resources!

Happy cleaning!