I realise that this title sounds sarcastic…but I don’t mean it to be at all.  Mostly I hate headaches…but there’s a small part of me that loves them…and I’ll tell you why.

Headaches are annoying because they never come when you’re ready for them.  They hurt.  And they make some people grumpy {not me of course}.  But most of all they slow down progress and sometimes obliterate momentum.  And that last annoyance is the reason for my bittersweet relationship with headaches.

I probably just slept in the wrong position, or had too much humous…or chocolate…or fun…  But there’s also the bigger picture: would I ever slow down if it weren’t for headaches?  Some people are naturally slower…and methodical and gloriously sorted.  But I have a mind that whirs at a million miles a second with all sorts of ideas and feelings {mostly ideas} and not a very methodical or conventional means of channelling them into the real world.  Which is partly why I have this blog space {to sort out my existence}.

I am very glad that something or someone has the grace to put a brick wall in front of me when I’m running way too fast for my own good.  I needed it {even though it puts my beloved cleaning schedule on hold…} and I want to use it to {again} point out the fact that we are not meant for perfection or production but for love and relationship.  And I see that now that my world is very still and quiet again.  I now have the space to pray.  Let me know if I can pray for you today {as that’s how I’ll be spending a lot of my day}.  Just leave a comment…or email me at littlewoodbirdmailATgmailDOTcom.