So, I am cleaning this week in preparation for the holiday season…and I am determined to have fun with it!!!  So, here’s a little inspiration for you to have fun whilst getting some of that ‘summer play’ residue off your little nest!

Day 1 to-do:

1. Tackle that laundry…everything that is machine washable – wash it today!  Luckily I have a laundromat within walking distance so I can take several loads there too.  Do what works for you…just get it done!

2. Tidy in 10 – go to each room in the house and tidy away as many items as you can in 10 minute intervals.  You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in that small amount of time!  If you know something will take days to go through {family photos for example…} make a tidy spot for them and put that on your to-do list.  You can conquer that one properly when you have a tidy and clean environment.

3. Clean floors…while your rugs and other items are in the wash, sweep, vacuum and mop!  But don’t forget to play your favourite music!  I like to make mine upbeat so that I can add a little jig here and there!

4. Take a shower and take your toothbrush too! Bring your dedicated cleaning toothbrush in the shower with you and scrub that grout till it sparkles! You never know, maybe the toothpaste will help too…!  While you’re in the bathroom, clean the toilet and sink too…you won’t regret it!

The object of each day is to make it cleaner than it was before!  This isn’t an exercise in perfection, but in cleaning.  Don’t be discouraged if everything isn’t done in one day!  However, remember not to embark on anything you can’t finish on top of all the cleaning you’re doing.  Like sorting the DVD collection or your wardrobe.  I find that when I try to ‘tidy’ these bigger things whilst spring or holiday cleaning, I make more of a mess than what I started with – and then I get discouraged.  Acknowledge the need to go through these things, and set a hot date with them for the future!

Happy cleaning and see you tomorrow with more! ; )