Clean TowelsSo here’s some of the fresh laundry that I love folding up all nice!  Its one of those things that makes me feel organised and warm and squishy inside…freshly folded towels!  And if you want to know the best way to fold them…take a look here.

I’ve gotten a lot done today, but there’s still more to go, if I can find the energy…!  I thought I’d take a break though and reward myself with a little snack.

Also want to point out Berlin’s Whimsy’s swiffer cover tutorial:

I’ve used washcloths to cover my swiffer, but never thought of making an actual cover!  So, thank you Berlin/Amber for creatively designing and sharing this with us!  Take a look at her recipes – they’re also really good!  I have used the Easy Breakfast Dish many times – very yummy!

What have you done today to make your nest tidyer, cleaner or more beautiful?  I would love to hear!