Fresh bread

Here’s my version of the fresh loaf’s honey whole wheat bread that I promised to post…

Oaty Bread Delight


1lb. whole wheat flour
12 oz. hot water (110F, 45C)
8 oz. bread or all purpose flour
5 oz. milk (or rice/soya milk if you’re afraid of cow juice)
2.5 oz. or 1/3 cup of honey
*2t. salt
*3 t. instant yeast
porridge oats, as necessary, to achieve the desired consistency

*t =teaspoon, T= tablespoon {for non-americans}

1. In a large bowl mix yeast and honey in the 12 oz. of hot water to activate.  About 15 minutes, or until frothy.
2. Add all ingredients except the oats and stir until pulled together well.
3. Add oats until it is dry enough to knead, but moist enough so that some still comes off on your hands – a tacky consistency. Knead for about 8 minutes, adding oats when necessary.
4. Add oil to the bowl and wipe the dough and bowl with it thoroughly and place a damp towel over the bowl and leave to rise at room temperature until doubled in size, about 45  minutes.
5. Line bread tins with parchment (grease proof) paper or grease by your normal method. Divide dough evenly between two medium-large tins or three smaller ones. Cover tins with towel to rise till doubled again.
6. Heat oven to gas 4/350F/180C and place tins {on a baking tray} in the oven.  Bake, turning tins occasionally, until golden on top and hollow when tapped on the underside.
7. To retain moisture and soften bread further, wrap finished loaves in tea towels tightly and place on a cooling rack.  For best keeping, store in those towels tightly or a zip-locked bag.  Enjoy! : )