This last Friday I had a migraine headache…the first one in 17 months ~ since cutting out the culprit {dairy}.  So, I was in bed all of Saturday and very quiet on Sunday ~ although I felt able to go out for a snooze on the back lawn and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, whilst my hubby grilled our hamburgers on our tiny bbq. I was glad at that.

I started having migraines at puberty and had them up until 17 months ago…over ten years…and they really frightened me.  Mainly because of the aura {the loss of eyesight, hearing, the ability to speak coherently, the feeling in my face and limbs…you get the idea}…  I didn’t mind the headache so much…that would just require time and darkness and sleep…  But I really felt helpless and out of control with the aura symptoms that preceded the headache.

This time, however, I noticed something had changed in me when I was experiencing the stages of the aura of the migraine…  I was very calm and cool and collected…  And I know why.  Fear was replaced with the gift of peace and hopelessness was replaced with a full measure of grace.  Each predictable onset of the aura stages reassured me that this was taking its normal progression and that I wouldn’t be like this forever.  I would remember what my husband looked like when I got my brain back, I would remember how to say hand, book and refrigerator…and everything in time.  I would feel my mouth again when the numbness moved to my neck, and so on.

It may be obvious to others, but I really have had a hard time with this…  And I am very grateful for the grace that was given for that 90 minutes on Friday to allow me to be grateful, even, for the stages of that migraine aura.

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